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Artwork Guidelines

Colour Format

Please supply files in CMYK and not RGB. If your artwork is a one colour special and it is an important colour, then please advise us of the Pantone colour reference or CMYK break down..

Text and Fonts

If the artwork includes text in a specific font, please provide the font in MAC format. Alternatively, please convert or rasterise the text into a vector format.


A minimum of 300dpi scaled at 100% is required for high quality images. Vectorised artwork/text will achieve better quality than flattened rasterised objects.

Artwork File Formats

Our preferred file format is HI RES PDF, but we can accept all of the following JPG/JPEG, EPS, AI, TIF/TIFF, IDD and AP.


File Extension Description Resolution in Dots per Inch
.PDF Adobe – Portable Document Format minimum 300dpi at 100%
.JPG / JPEG Compressed Photographic Image format – CMYK minimum 300dpi at 100%
.EPS Encapsulated Postscript Format – CMYK minimum 300dpi at 100%
.AI Adobe Illustrator Format – CMYK minimum 300dpi at 100%
.TIF / TIFF Tagged Image File – CMYK minimum 300dpi at 100%
.IDD Database File Â


A minimum of 1.5mm full bleed is required on all aspects of the design that meet the edge of the label. For any part of the design that does not, ensure there is at least 1.5mm safe margin to the trim.