Label Finishes

The finishing process

Label finishing includes the application of a varnish or laminate to protect your labels and give a high quality professional looking finish. Each finish available is explained below.

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Gloss Varnish

This is our most popular finish. It adds a high gloss finish and is best used in conjunction with our paper based labels. This finish also creates a barrier between the print and external elements (like fingers) to help protect your labels. This finish is also thermal transfer printable. This finish is offered when ordering printed roll labels online

Matt Varnish

At the same cost as our Gloss Varnish, it’s properties are similar. This finish will appeal to those who are not after a high gloss finish. You should choose this finish if you intend to handwrite on your labels

Gloss Overlaminate

We can put a gloss laminate on any label, the benefits are most obvious when used with any of our poly labels. This process will not only ensure a high quality, cost effective finish, but it will also ensure your label becomes water resistant.

Matt Overlaminate

Again, this has the same properties as the Gloss Overlaminate, but the drawback is that it’s quite a bit more expensive. However if you want a water resistant label with a matt effect finish, this will be the option.

Lexan Poly Carbonate

A heavy duty matt finish that is scratch resistant. This finish can be applied to any material.

Winding onto rolls

The final process includes winding your labels onto rolls. If you require a specific number of labels per roll, or a specified format, like narrow edge first, please contact us. Usually there is no additional charge. If we don’t hear from you, we will put an optimum number of labels on a roll.

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