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Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Stickers and Their Uses

If you’re looking for labels that will suit a high end product and will bring that extra wow factor, vinyl labels are the way to go. This label material is strong, durable and water resistant so your label design will be protected at all times. Vinyl stickers are perfect if you need labels for outdoor use. 

What Are Vinyl Stickers Made Of?

Vinyl stickers are made from a versatile plastic, rather than paper, making them completely waterproof so they can be used outdoors. They can be wiped clean and are very resistant to the elements.

What’s the Difference Between Vinyl Stickers and Paper Stickers?

The main difference between vinyl and paper stickers is the material they are made from and the qualities that these materials supply. Paper labels are less durable and versatile vinyl stickers, however they are still the most popular choice amongst our customers. Vinyl stickers tend to also be more costly when compared to paper labels and stickers. 

Are Vinyl Stickers Better Than Paper Labels?

Although extremely versatile in wear and use, vinyl stickers are more harmful to the environment. Due to being made from plastic, the earth cannot digest vinyl stickers, deeming them non- biodegradable. Vinyl stickers are less sustainable than paper or bagasse labels that we sell at Roll Labels. We try to be as conscious as we can when it comes to the environment, and we provide many alternative label materials that are the better choice for the environment.

What Are Vinyl Stickers Used For?

Vinyl labels are versatile and have many different uses. From applications to jars, bottles, products and more. They can be cost effective at low volumes, especially because you can mix the designs per print run at no extra charge. Read on to find out some common uses for vinyl stickers.

Common Vinyl Sticker Uses

1. Vinyl Sticker Labels for Food & Drink Packaging

As mentioned above, a common use of vinyl stickers are for jars, bottles and tupperware specifically for the food and drink industry. If you need labels for food and drink products, vinyl stickers will be a suitable choice. Due to their durability and water resistant quality, these are a great choice for food and drink labels

2. Vinyl Sticker Labels for Product Labelling

In more general terms, vinyl labels are widely used for most product labels. As they are extremely versatile, they add the extra security to your design and plastic coating that can protect your products packaging. They also give off a more high-end look. 

3. Vinyl Sticker Labels for Cosmetics

Vinyl labels look great on cosmetic and body products. The coating adds a luxurious feel to your product, which is often needed for beauty products. The need for a label that will be protected against spills and liquids is paramount for products in this industry, making vinyl stickers a great choice. However, due to their impact on the environment, most beauty companies are becoming more cautious about those factors- so this should be considered when choosing the right label material.

4. Vinyl Sticker Labels for Signage

Due to being weather and water resistant, this label material is perfect for windows and outdoor signage. These sticker labels look great in shop windows to display important information, whilst they can also be used for outdoor signage- providing the correct adhesive is chosen.

Vinyl labels are slowly becoming a thing of the past, however our Plastic Waterproof Labels are made out of polypropylene and are a perfect alternative!

Final Thoughts on Vinyl Label Stickers

We hope this article has answered the question: ‘what are vinyl stickers’ and outlined common uses to help you choose the perfect label material for your needs. 

If vinyl label stickers are not the choice for you, browse our label materials here. We have many to choose from, ranging from paper, to biodegradable to polypropylene waterproof labels! Shop online today.